Solar Water Heater

About Sanraj Electricals The solar water heating system uses the sun's energy to heat water to temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. The entire system consists of the following components. Flat plate solar collector - This is a state of the art solar collector made of an aluminum body and toughened glass sheet on top. The heart of the collector is the copper absorber plate which is selectively coated for maximum performance. This copper absorber plate absorbs maximum sun's rays and passes it to the water running within it. The collector box is also well insulated to prevent heat loss. Insulated storage tank - The storage tank is generally made of SS material with high quality tig welding and is pressure tested. It is well insulated so that the stored water does not lose its heat.

The system works under 2 principles which are given below :

Common equipment types

Thermosyphon : In this the water in the storage tank circulates continuously through the collectors, based totally on the natural flow of water due to difference in specific gravity of hot and cold water. It does not have to rely on electricity and is simple and maintenance free system. However in this system, the temperature cannot be controlled and as hot water is drained from the tank, it is replaced by fresh cold water, leading to some amount of mixing.

Forced Flow : The flow in this system is controlled through a control panel and pump . The cold water is circulated through the collectors and allowed to stay there until the set temperature is reached. Only then the pump comes on and pushes the heated water into the storage tank. The entire system is automated and hence it has to rely on electricity supply. In this system the temperature can be controlled, and water in the storage tank at any given time is at the set temperature only.

During Non Sunny Days : The insulated storage tank can be fitted with an optional heating element which will allow the system to function all-year-round.


  • Wide range of models for sliding gates weighing from 300 kg to 10000 kg
  • Manual operation in case of power failure
  • Highly compact dimensions & extremely silent operation. Built-in anti jerk device prevents damage to the automatic system of sliding gates
  • MPS startup at maximum power permits motor to overcome any initial friction caused by ice, dust etc.
  • Motor protected by internal thermal switch
  • Obstacle detection causes the gate movement to stop if an obstacle is detected
  • Advance electronic control unit permits operation time adjustment, partial opening, automatic closing, step by step control, stop safety, reverse safety etc
  • Self test output activates the Secure-1 self controlled safety device before start up of any movement of the halted gate. If functionality is correct the operation is confirmed and the movement is authorised
Model Photon
NWH (premium Model) Size 2396 * 863 * 95mm
SWH (Standard Model) Size 2056 *1095 * 95 mm
Riser Tube Copper 12.5mm O.D.
Absorber Fin material Surface Treatment Copper selective coating
Header Tube Copper 25.4 mm O.D.
Area Approx. 2.0 Sq. Mtr.
Test Pressure 6 Kg/ Sq.
Collector Box Material Aluminum
Front Glazing 4 mm Toughened Glass
Insulation Rock wool pads
Thermal Efficiency 65% Avg.
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals
About Sanraj Electricals

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