About Sanraj Electricals CCTV Systems will provide you round the clock video surveillance. You can monitor your premises from your office, home or virtually from anywhere. You can lookout for intruders, thieves with the help of camera system. You can also monitor your staff / workers or your children from anywhere. These systems will help you to monitor the events that have been occurred earlier also. The recording period can be from one day to more than six months. You can go to a particular date on a particular camera and view its recording to monitor an incident like theft, any sort of worker problems etc. In basic CCTV Systems there are mainly two categories one is Camera other is DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

a) Camera:- There are five sub categories in camera, like Dome, Box, Infrared, Outdoor, PTZ & IP Camera.

Dome Camera:-

About Sanraj ElectricalsThis is basically used for indoor purposes to flit in small offices, shops where a small amount of area has to be monitored. This is the cheapest type of camera in all. It has a fix lens and it can monitor roughly about 250 to 300 sq. ft.

Box Camera:-

About Sanraj Electricals This is a small box type camera which doesn’t have a lens in built. You have to choose a lens as per your requirement for this camera and you can install a lens on the camera. This will allow you to view objects that is far from the camera. This is also a indoor type camera but you can use a outdoor waterproof housing for this camera and then you can use this camera for outdoor purposes also.

Infrared Camera:-

About Sanraj Electricals Infrared is a LED which is fitted outside the lens. This will help the camera to look in 0 lux, means it can see through pitch black darkness. This facility can be in any sort of camera like Dome, Box & PTZ. You can also have Infrared Illuminators for multiple cameras. The range of Infrared LED can be 100mtrs.

Outdoor Camera:-

About Sanraj Electricals Outdoor camera means a camera capable of handling outdoor situations like Rain, Dust, Heat. For these purposes you can have outdoor housing to use with Box type camera or you can have a ready made outdoor camera. A branded outdoor camera can have IP 55 or IP 65 certifications. These are world wide standards for outdoor safety of the product.

PTZ Camera:-

About Sanraj ElectricalsPTZ means P for Pan. Paning means rotation. The rotation can be from 90 deg. To 360 deg. T is for Tilting. Tilting means moving to a angle. A Tilting angel can be 180 deg. Z for Zooming. The zooming can be 30 X optical or 30 X digital . With the help of optical zoom you can zoom a object with the help of Lens and capture it. And with digital zoom you can zoom a object after capturing it on the PC. PTZ camera will allow you to rotate the camera in 360 deg. Tilt camera in 180 deg. And zoom camera up to 30 X. So you can monitor any object closely from a remote location.

DVR Digital Video Recorder :-

About Sanraj Electricals This unit is used to record all the data which is coming from cameras like video / audio. In DVR’s you can have 4 channel, 8 channel & 16 channel. A channel means a camera, so you can connect 4 cameras to a 4 channel DVR. The DVR’ s are having facilities like remote monitoring, PTZ control, motion sensing, private image masking, variety of alarms like signal loss, motion sense, object moving etc. You can set the DVR on various recording modes like motion sensing / schedule recording. You can have in one dvr up to 4 hard disk capacity. One hard disk capacity with a size of 2000 GB. You can connect CD/ DVD writer. External hard disk or pen drive for back up purposes.

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